Andrea Kerr (1)

Andrea Kerr

Animal Care Attendant/Customer Care Representative

I knew I wanted to work in the veterinary field a few years ago when my mother had a very sick cat and I spent a lot of time at a clinic close to home. Watching the doctors and support staff helping those that can't help themselves was eye-opening. I wanted to be part of that. Everything I learned and continue to learn is on the job every day. I joined the Briarwood Animal Hospital in 2018.

The area of veterinary medicine that interests me the most is animal behaviour. I find it most rewarding helping fur babies live happy and healthy lives. The aspect I love most about my job is our team, they are all amazing.

Some fun facts about me are that all the animals that I have had as an adult have been rescues and my first pet was a big white dog named Waldo.


Acronym Overload!

When referring to the employees of a small animal veterinary clinic, there are a lot of acronyms involved.

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