Jessica Bucci

Registered Veterinarian Technician (On Maternity Leave)
Jessica graduated and joined the clinic in 2010. She has a Yorkie named Rodger and a cat named Stanley, both of which came into the clinic as strays. An area of the veterinary industry that interests her is nutrition and cytology.Jessica’s favourite thing about the clinic is the team I work with. Everyone is passionate and dedicated to helping clients and their pets live long and healthy lives. What she loves most about her job is being able to build a relationship with an owner and their pet. The human/animal bond is very special and being able to help strengthen that bond through care and education is highly rewarding.Fun fact about Jessica is that my two other passions are baking/cooking and crafting. She loves to cook and especially bake for friends & family. Her specialty is Italian cookies and sweets.


Stomatitis in Cats

You may have noticed the gum line around your cat's teeth are red or inflamed looking, this is known as gingivitis.

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