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Winter Hazards for an Outdoor Cat

Although it would be easy to simply say keep your cat indoors away from the elements and hazards of the outdoor world, the fact is there are many cats that live outdoors for a variety of reasons.  These cats could be lost, abandoned or even feral but no matter the reason, they need our help […]

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Ticks at This Time of Year?

You may think that since it is winter, you don’t need to worry about your dog getting a tick and that’s not the case. Ticks can come out when the temperature reaches above 4 degrees celsius, even for just one day. Although October is when we usually see the influx in ticks, we have had […]

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How To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

The thought of brushing your pet’s teeth can be overwhelming for many owners. With a few tips and a step by step routine you will feel confident to incorporate brushing into your pet’s daily routine. Getting your pet used to having their mouth area touched in the first step. Hold the muzzle area for a few […]

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Holiday Pet Hazards

The snow is starting to fall, the home is starting to look festive and the holiday baking is in full swing. With all the joys of the holiday season come some potential health hazards for your pets. Holiday Treats Chocolate – Chocolate is the most commonly known toxin to pets. It contains theobromine which is […]

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to our clients and patients for continuously supporting and believing in us at Briarwood Animal Hospital, especially through all of the construction. Some days we didn’t have parking yet you still came through our doors and we can’t thank you enough for that. Oscar Fund:  This year, the Stoney Creek Community, our staff and […]

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What is Different about Senior Dog Food?

Approximately 33% of the canine population is made up of senior dogs.

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