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Pocket Pets Services

Annual examinations are recommended for rabbits and pocket pets. Signs of illness can be difficult to recognize in small animals. This exam allows us to ensure your pet is healthy and give us the opportunity to discuss nutrition, housing and grooming care.

What pocket pets do you service?

Dr Phillips, who has been with us for over 25 years, has a special interest in rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice, and ferrets.

What services do you offer to pocket pets?

We offer health exams, nutrition counselling, medical care and diagnostics.

Do you trim guinea pig or rabbit teeth?

We do provide teeth trimming service on a case by case basis. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs have teeth that continually grow throughout their life; poor diet can often result in their front teeth and check teeth becoming overgrown. Biting, chewing, gnawing and grinding of food especially hays, grasses and abrasive foods will assist in keeping their teeth at a healthy length. If your Rabbit or Guinea Pig does not have enough to gnaw-on, this is when dental problems can occur and their teeth can become overgrown to the extent where the teeth can cut into the gums and cause abscesses and even prevent them from eating altogether.

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