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Ticks and Your Pets

Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts, whether that be dogs, cats, humans, or other small mammals. They are increasing in frequency in South Eastern Ontario, and because they are carriers of multiple diseases, they are a major concern for both our pets and us.

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How Do I Get Fleas out of My Carpet

Having a flea infestation can be very challenging, it is crucial that all pets in the house have active treatment for fleas for at least three months to get rid of the whole life cycle.

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Dental Care for Your Pet

Dental care for your pet

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Easter Pet Poisons: Grass & Chocolate

The second major toxic threat that poses harm to your pets around Easter, is Easter grass. This is a fake grass that comes in many, if not most, Easter baskets.

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What is Different about Senior Dog Food?

Approximately 33% of the canine population is made up of senior dogs.

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