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How to Tell If Your Pet Is Overheated: What to Do About It

Heat stroke or hyperthermia is common in the summer months, especially with the kind of temperatures we’ve had so far this season! It is very important to protect your pet from this potentially fatal condition.

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Can I Give My Pet Vegetables?

Absolutely! There are many vegetables that you can feed your pet as a treat. They are great because they are low calorie and a good source of fibre. In this way, they can have more variety of fresh foods this way.

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Keeping Your Dog Active and Safe This Summer

Along with the nice weather of summer, comes the heat and humidity. It’s important to continue to keep our pets active but healthy during the warm summer months.

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What Do I Do If My Pet Has Worms?

“Worms,” are the larval form of internal parasites that can infect your pet. They can live in the intestinal tract and heart/bloodstream of your pet. Some signs your pet may have worms include worms found in the stool/vomit, diarrhea, scooting, etc.

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Ticks and Your Pets

Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts, whether that be dogs, cats, humans, or other small mammals. They are increasing in frequency in South Eastern Ontario, and because they are carriers of multiple diseases, they are a major concern for both our pets and us.

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What is Different about Senior Dog Food?

Approximately 33% of the canine population is made up of senior dogs.

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