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Allergies in Dogs or Cats

Just like us, dogs and cats get allergies, and it is probably more common than you think.


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Reduce Your Cat's Stress

It is an unfortunate truth that most cats do not receive the medical care that they deserve and need, as a result of the stress associated with car travel and vet visits.


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Senior Pet Care

Just like us our companions face challenges later in life. Take steps now to ensure they are happy and healthy as they age.


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Welcome to Briarwood Animal Hospital in Stoney Creek

Briarwood Animal Hospital is conveniently located at 76 King Street East in Stoney Creek, our mission is to provide compassionate care and the highest quality of medical, surgical and pet dental care available. Our goal is to assist your dog, cats, pockets pets and birds pets in living a longer, healthier and happier life while enhancing the special relationship between pet parents and their beloved animals. Our facility is a modern, up-to-date veterinary hospital that focuses on quality medicine for your companion. We focus on accurate diagnostics and client education while maintaining a compassionate and professional environment. Everyone here at Briarwood Animal Hospital has pets and understands the important role they play in our lives. It’s our honour to serve the pet community in Stoney Creek since 1978

Stop by for a clinic tour or to meet our vet care team, or give us a call to arrange a consultation!

Dr. Adriana Morganti, DVM |Dr. Janice Phillips, DVM | Dr. Kristina Dudley, DVM | Dr. Randy Stirling, DVM 
Stoney Creek Veterinarians, Briarwood Animal Hospital – CVO Accredited Facility

Meet the Team
They are very compassionate and really have the patience to answer all of your questions ALWAYS!!! Dr. Randy Stirling…

Justin Reid

AMAZING ANIMAL HOSPITAL. I take my guinea pigs to Dr. Phillips, she's the best. The staff there is so caring, we…

Christina L

Dr. Phillips and the staff are so amazing! My two hairless rats have been there for months, she is the…

Marley The Savannah Monitor

There is nowhere else I would bring my babies. I have two cats and one dog. The one cat…

Elisha Proietti

The staff is great. They have seen my pets through the good, the bad and the terrible. I trust no…

Jody Ethridge


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In The End...

When I tell people where I work, they usually have two reactions.  The first is "What a great job! You get to work with animals all day" and then "I don't know how you do it".  They tell me that they could never deal with people having to euthanize their pets.  My response is always the same,  "it is very sad but 99.9% of the time it is the right thing to do."

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DIY Dog & Cat Toys

Yarn BallMaterials – Yarn, ScissorsCut a small piece of yarn and set aside Wrap the yarn around three or four fingers approximately 40 times. Place the cut piece of yarn in between your fingers centred to the yarn & tie a tight knot Slip the yarn off your fingers and use the scissors to cut the yarn along each side

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