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Dawn LeVie-Bowers

Client Care Representative

Fours years ago I received a Medical Administrative Specialist Diploma from Eastern College in Moncton NB. My first instinct was to apply to the Hospitals in the surrounding areas of Moncton. Because of a career fair at the college I was given the opportunity to work for a hospital: Riverview Animal Emergency Hospital in Riverview NB. This is one of the finest 24hr Emergency Hospitals in the East Coast. The two years I was employed at Riverview I had the opportunity to shadow Doctors, Technicians, and Assistants. Watch the work they did, listen to the ideas they had, and learn about the simplicity of love. Love of the job, pets and people.

I came back to Ontario in 2020, family always brings you home. While here I stayed in the same career for one year until another door opened for me at Briarwood Animal Hospital. I never looked back. Being here has given me the opportunity to learn new ways of working. Each individual is so unique in their own way, each brings so much to the table, they never skip a beat. I truly love coming to work and appreciate what everyone has to offer. I am proud to be a part of this Briarwood team. I didn't choose the Veterinary field, the Veterinary field chose me.


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