April Pet of the Month: Gaga

Gaga presented to us in January 2017 because her owners noticed some small drops of blood in her litter box. Her physical exam was normal, but a Complete Urinalysis revealed struvite crystals, as well as numerous white blood cells and red blood cells. These findings prompted her Veterinarian to recommend an x-ray, suspecting that bladder stones may be present. Sure enough, one smooth round stone in her bladder was visible on x-ray.

Her owners were given the options of surgical removal or attempting to dissolve the stone with a Prescription Diet. Wanting to avoid surgery if possible, Gaga was placed on antibiotics as well as a canned Prescription Diet. After one month, we repeated her Urinalysis which revealed normal levels of blood cells and no crystals. More importantly, we repeated her x-ray, and her stone was successfully dissolved!!! Everyone at Briarwood, along with her dedicated and compliant owners, are super excited to have gotten rid of her bladder stone without needing to go to surgery!

Not every type of bladder stone can be dissolved, but given the right scenario, including pet owners that are dedicated to the treatment plan, little miracles like this are made possible! Gaga will now stay on a Prescription Diet, and she will have urine samples routinely checked from now on to screen for crystals and help to prevent future stone formation! Go Gaga!