‘Tis the Season for Fleas

After a long, harsh winter spring has finally sprung! The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the fleas are biting. Fleas can happen any time of year, but why does it seem we notice it more in the warmer weather? Now is the time to stop the scratching before it starts by treating your pets and your environment. Fleas don’t live on your pets; they live in your home and feast your pet and you. Cats and dogs share the same fleas; fleas travel from one pet to another. Flea prevention is simple and starts with a visit to your veterinarian, as prescription strength flea preventives are safer and more effective than something you might find as an over-the-counter product at a pet store. Prevention is always the best way to ensure your furry friend is ready for spring! Call us today to discuss the best flea products for your pet’s lifestyle.