DIY Dog & Cat Toys

Yarn Ball

Materials – Yarn, Scissors

  1. Cut a small piece of yarn and set aside
  2. Wrap the yarn around three or four fingers approximately 40 times.
  3. Place the cut piece of yarn in between your fingers centred to the yarn & tie a tight knot
  4. Slip the yarn off your fingers and use the scissors to cut the yarn along each side

CatNip Toy

Materials – Fleece/Flannel/Old T-Shirt, Loose Catnip, scissors

  1. Cut a piece of fabric roughly 5 inches wide & 3 inches high
  2. Place a large pinch of catnip in the centre of the fabric and fold over into a roll
  3. Tie into a knot securing the catnip into the knot

Treat Dispenser

Materials – Used water bottle (cleaned), Permanent marker, Xacto knife

  1. Mark small squares with permanent marker all around the water bottle
  2. Carefully use the xacto knife to cut out the squares
  3. Place treats/kibble into the bottle & replace the lid.

Square Knot Tug Toy

Materials – Fleece, Scissors

  1. Cut four long narrow strips of fleece roughly 6cm wide & 1 – 2 metres length. Use the shorter length for smaller dogs and the longer length for larger dogs.
  2. Loop and knot one end leaving some tassels
  3. Start the weave the fleece using a square knot
  4. Spread the strips into a cross
  5. Fold the top strip to the bottom
  6. Fold the bottom strip to the top
  7. Fold the right strip to the left – over the first piece of fleece then under the second piece of fleece
  8. Fold the left strip to the right – over the first piece of fleece then under the second piece of fleece
  9. Repeat the square knot technique until you reach your desired length making sure there is enough length left to finish with a knot.
  10. Loop and knot and cut the tassels to your desired length.

*The square knot may seem complicated at first but once you understand the technique, it is easy to perfect. There are many great youtube videos showing a square knot technique.

All toys should be used under supervision. Not all toys will be suited for every pet’s age or lifestyle.  Happy play time everyone!

Written by Jessica Bucci, RVT