6 Reasons to Hire a Cat Pet Sitter

Are you a cat owner planning to go away for a vacation this year? Or even on a business trip? You’re not the only one. Many cat owners know the stress of trying to find help to look after their precious felines while they’re away. Since cats are creatures of habit, they can be stressed out easily when taken out of their environment and routine. Because of this, more and more cat owners are opting for in-home care instead of kenneling while they’re away.

Hiring a cat sitter can give you the reassurance that your beloved pet is well looked after in the comfort of your own home so that you can focus on other important things. Here are some other reasons to consider hiring a cat sitter:

Hiring a cat sitter means that you won’t have to feel guilty about asking friends, neighbours or relatives to take time out of their day to check-in on your pet.

A cat sitter will make sure your precious feline is fed appropriately. This usually requires a meeting before you leave to go over where the food is stored, what to feed, how much to feed and how often. Cat sitters will also give fresh water each day and ensure that the cat is eating and drinking regularly.

Besides giving fresh food and water, a cat sitter will also scoop your kitty’s litter each day, and can clean up any messes your cat may make while you aren’t home (who wants to come home to dry hairballs and throw-up all over their house?).

A qualified cat sitter can administer medication if necessary. This, of course, means ensuring they are trained to do so and meeting beforehand to go through the proper steps of medication administration when it comes to your kitty.

A cat sitter will spend time playing with or cuddling your cat (this is usually why they get into this business in the first place!). They know that your cat deserves attention and affection when you’re not there.

Lastly, most cat sitters will do other things around your house as well! This is usually discussed when you meet with your cat sitter before you go away. This can include: bringing in your mail, watering your plants, checking to make sure your windows and doors are locked and keeping lights on or off in your home. If agreed upon beforehand, they can also take your garbage out for you. These little extras help to make your time away from home less stressful.

Make sure you do your research when you are considering hiring a cat sitter. You’ll want to hire someone that you are comfortable with, knowing they’ll be in your home and looking after your pet(s) while you’re away. You can ask for a background check or references to put your mind at ease. Lastly, it is also a great idea to have the sitter come over to your house before you leave to go over any relevant details about taking care of your kitty and to ensure they know what veterinarian to go to in case of emergency.

Written by Briarwood Animal Hospital