Indoor Pet Entertainment in Winter

The winter blues are real, not just for us but for our animals too. It’s important to keep your pets stimulated and happy in the cold, dark winter months when they aren’t able to play outdoors in the sunshine. There are many things we can do to keep our dogs and cats entertained. Of course, there is the classic “fetch” with your dog, but you can make playtime more exciting by playing some new games such as “hide the toy” or training them with new tricks like shaking a paw and rolling over. When not at home with your furry friends, you can always fill a kong with peanut butter and kibble or freeze some treats in ice cubes for them to get at. Giving them a spot to look out the window is also great for keeping them busy while you’re out of the house. Cats love to climb and explore, so keeping them entertained with climbing/scratching posts and boxes is a great way to keep them busy. Setting up a bird feeder near your window for your little critter to watch is also an excellent way to keep them amused. Don’t forget that grooming our animals is a great way to stimulate them and enables us to bond with our pets. And of course, snuggling up by the fire for a movie is always a great idea and makes the long winter months much more enjoyable! Written by Briarwood Animal Hospital