Before bringing your Dog to the Dog Park

Dog parks are a popular spot in the nice weather. They are a great place to get outdoors with your pets and can provide both physical and mental stimulation for our beloved companions.

It’s important to ensure, for both the safety of your dog and others, that your dog is up-to-date on vaccines prior to visiting any dog parks. If your dog is experiencing coughing, has any possible internal parasites, or fleas it is adamant that they do not visit a dog park to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. If it is your first time being at a dog park, arrive during off time hours, so that it is not too busy and overwhelming for your dog. When arriving, scout out the area to see who (both pets and owners) is there and any possible dangers your dog could potentially get into.

Obey the rules at the dog park: clean up after your dog, watch age restrictions (as some parks do not allow dogs under a certain age to be there), control your dog (bring a leash in order to restrain your dog as needed), and ALWAYS supervise your dog, never leave them unattended.

The dog park can be an exciting outing for your dog and a time to strengthen the human-animal bond for you. By ensuring to follow the rules and knowing what to avoid and look out for, you can create a safe, happy, fun environment for all.

Written by Briarwood Animal Hospital