5 Questions to Ask your Veterinarian

  1. How is my pet’s body condition and weight?
    Even being overweight by a few pounds can lead to significant health problems later in life such as diabetes & joint disease. Studies have shown that animals in lean body condition live longer. The earlier in life you are aware of your pet’s body condition the healthier they will be.
  2. What should I feed my pet and why?
    There are so many diets out there and they all claim to be the next best thing. This is very important topic that can help prevent diseases as your pet ages. There is also a lot of information on the internet, in pet stores, and from breeders and friends that can be confusing to sort out. Talking to a veterinarian can help you sort out what is fact and fiction about pet diets
  3. What diseases can be transmitted from pets to humans?
    There are still some parasitic, bacterial and fungal infections that dogs and cats carry that they can pass on to humans. Children, elderly and people that are immunosuppressed can be especially at risk. Regular deworming treatments can eliminate a lot of these risks
  4. Are my pet’s teeth important?
    Dental disease is one of the number one things that veterinarians see in dogs and cats. It can cause pain and discomfort and a foul smell from the mouth. It can affect internal organs and cause your dog or cat to age faster than they should. There are many preventative things you can do starting early in life but it is never too late to address your pet’s teeth issues in some. How to brush your pets Teeth?
  5. What are safe things for my pets to chew on or play with?
    There are so many varieties of toys to play with or chew on but not all of them are good for our pets even if they really enjoy them. Many can cause fractured teeth, intestinal obstructions, diarrhea etc.