Rabies in Pets

Rabies in Pets Rabies – a six letter word that strikes fear in the heart of every veterinarian – is an invariable death sentence for any animal that becomes infected with this terrible disease. Rabies is a virus that can affect any warm-blooded animal, including cats, dogs, raccoons, and humans. It is transmitted through a […]

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Stress Free Nail Trims

Trimming Your Pet’s Nails Trimming your dog’s nails can be one of your least favourite times for both you and your pet. With patience and persistence most dogs will learn to accept nail trims. Following the steps below may make nail trimming a positive experience for both of you. While it is easier to teach […]

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Allergies in Dogs or Cats

Allergies in Dogs or Cats Just like us, dogs and cats get allergies, and it is probably more common than you think. Certain breeds are more prone than others, but any animal can be allergic to anything- from foods to dust to grass, ragweed and even trees! Did you know that the #1 cause for […]

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Community Events: March 2016

Date: March 20-27 Details: We will be selling candy kabobs in support of the Oscar Fund. Date: March 15th-31st Details: We are having an raffle. $2.00 per ticket or 3/$5.00. Chance to win our relaxation package which includes Chicken soup novel, Yankee candle, Adult colouring book, markers, pencil crayons and some yummy easter candy.

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National Puppy Day: March 2016

For the month of March, we are having a facebook contest. Share a picture of your puppy on our facebook page and you will be entered to win a complimentary nail trim and toy and a treat. The winner will be annouced on March 31st. Goodluck Event: National Puppy Day Date: March 23rd Time: 9 […]

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