How To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

The thought of brushing your pet’s teeth can be overwhelming for many owners. With a few tips and a step by step routine you will feel confident to incorporate brushing into your pet’s daily routine. Getting your pet used to having their mouth area touched in the first step. Hold the muzzle area for a few […]

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Holiday Pet Hazards

The snow is starting to fall, the home is starting to look festive and the holiday baking is in full swing. With all the joys of the holiday season come some potential health hazards for your pets. Holiday Treats Chocolate – Chocolate is the most commonly known toxin to pets. It contains theobromine which is […]

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to our clients and patients for continuously supporting and believing in us at Briarwood Animal Hospital, especially through all of the construction. Some days we didn’t have parking yet you still came through our doors and we can’t thank you enough for that. Oscar Fund:  This year, the Stoney Creek Community, our staff and […]

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Baby Bonding with Pet Cats

This is a little story about a cat named Atlas. In order to understand how great she was, you have to know a bit about her background. I wasn’t lucky enough to have known her right away, but my fiancé did.  When she was found, it was discovered that she had literally wallpapered inside her […]

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8 Tips for Feeding your Pet

How do I know if what I’m feeding my pet is OK? Is it better to do homemade food? What ingredients are good? How much should they have? Is grocery store food really that bad? There is always a whole bunch of questions that we ask ourselves when reaching for that giant bag of kibble. […]

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