Stress-Free Feline Veterinary Visit

Both the trip and visit to the veterinary clinic can be very stressful and overwhelming for our feline companions. We are taking them out of their routine and out of their home. There are many things owners can do to decrease the stress and help with the unknowns to make the visit a more enjoyable one for our animals.

It is recommended to transport your feline in a carrier for the trip. It provides the animal with a safe and secure location. Prior to leaving for the veterinary office, keep the carrier out in a safe space at home so the cat can acclimatize to it. As well, placing a towel or blanket in the carrier that smells like home, along with treats, can help our animals feel more comfortable. A pheromone spray in the carrier, such as Feliway, can also be used prior to travel to decrease stress and help to calm our feline friends.

If the cat is extremely stressed for veterinary visits and the owner and veterinary staff are aware of this, an anti-anxiety or sedative medication can be prescribed prior to the visit to help. This can help keep the cat calm before the stressful travel even occurs.

The most effective way to decrease cat’s anxiety and stress related to veterinary visits are for the owners and veterinary staff to remain calm and relaxed during the visit and speak in calm, soothing voices. Reassure your feline friends with pets and lots of love.

Written by Briarwood Animal Hospital