Blood Tests

Monitoring the health of your pet is crucial, as they may not exhibit visible signs of illness.

Running bloodwork on your feline companion is a valuable diagnostic tool. Briarwood Animal Hospital is equipped with an on-site laboratory which allows us to get the results we need within a short amount of time.

Why does my kitty need a blood screen?

Cats are very good at hiding when they’re sick. They often times seem like they are healthy until they cannot hide their symptoms anymore. Doing bloodwork on a regular basis can help detect diseases in their early stages. Treating those diseases early can help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

How long does it take to get blood test results?

: It really depends on the type of blood work done. On average, if the blood is run in our hospital, it may be back on average, 30 minutes. If more extensive blood work is required, we can usually expect it within 24 hours.

What precautions should I take before a blood test?

It is a good idea to have your cat fasted overnight for scheduled bloodwork. Not all tests need to be done fasted, so you should speak with veterinary clinic staff if you have any questions.

How often should blood tests be done?

How often bloodwork is done on your pet is a decision made by you and your veterinarian together. Some pets require more frequent bloodwork – every 2 or 3 months. For example, to monitor some blood parameters, and others can have bloodwork done on a yearly basis.

Do you also do urinalysis and biopsy?

As part of a complete diagnostic approach, conducting a urinalysis is important and can be performed here at Briarwood Animal Hospital. Biopsies are performed to reach a diagnosis for various skin lumps for your companion. There are different kinds of biopsies (fine needle aspirates, punch biopsies, full thickness), all of which can be performed at our clinic.

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