Nutritional Consultations

Keeping your cat at their ideal weight range and size with a safe diet regimen.

We believe that nutrition is one of the most important parts of keeping your cat happy and healthy. At every annual exam, we ensure that a nutritional consultation is provided. We do offer complimentary nutrition consults and weigh-ins to our patients.

Is my cat fat?

Overweight cats are more common than you may think. During your cat’s visit, we will assess your cat’s weight and offer guidance along the way. If you can’t see a waist or feel any of their ribs when you pet your feline friend, your cat may be “pleasantly plump”, and we can help!

How can my cat lose weight? Weight loss tips?

Weight loss is different for every cat and ensuring there is no underlying disease is very important before you begin. The approach to weight loss depends on not only your cat’s lifestyle but yours as well. While a prescription diet is a great place to start, meal feeding your cat, adding canned food, making them “work” for their food through things such as a slimCat ball or increasing their exercise through playtime will all be beneficial.

What is offered in nutritional consultation?

A nutritional consultation will require full disclosure. In order to truly make your cat’s weight loss a success, we will need to know everything your cat eats and drinks. We will determine the amount of calories your pet currently gets and calculate how many they need. We will create a diet plan with you and your cat’s needs in mind. We do offer nutritional consults and follow-ups at no charge to our patients.

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