Dog Blood Tests

Monitoring the health of your pet is crucial, as they may not exhibit visible signs of illness.

Bloodwork is an essential part of a complete wellness exam. Luckily here at Briarwood, we have on-site laboratory equipment which enables us to get results, sometimes in minutes, when time is of the essence. We have the ability to test blood, tissue, urine and fecal samples as well as run viral profiles. If your dog requires more extensive testing, we would send the sample to an outside lab for analysis.

Why are blood tests for dogs important?

Blood tests give us lots of valuable information that simply cannot be detected on physical exam alone. We often find abnormalities on bloodwork, even in dogs who seem “healthy”. This is beneficial as it allows us to treat ailments before they progress to the point where we may not be as successful.

How do I understand the blood test results?

Our veterinary team always take the time to explain the results of any testing that is done so that you fully understand what it means for your pet. Ensuring you remain involved ensures a team approach to your pet’s healthcare.

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