Another Top Rated Year!

Congratulations are definitely in order as Briarwood was once again top rated in multiple categories during the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards. Briarwood was also rated as one of the top vet clinics in Hamilton according to Three Best Rated ® !

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Welcome Optimum Care Plans to Briarwood!

It’s well known that good preventive health care for pets makes a big difference in their lives.

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Co-Op Program

Did you know that we have co-op students? Here are a few words from one of our amazing Veterinary Technician students Erin Gracey!

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Age Is Not A Disease – Part 1 (Nutrition)

Just like us, there are many changes that occur in our pets as they age. With proper education and awareness, you can help to maintain your pet as a happy and healthy part of the family for many years, even once they become a senior. By nature, animals will try to hide their signs of […]

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Age Is Not A Disease – Part 2 (Mobility and Pain Control)

Arthritis is part of the aging process. Every animal eventually gets it and because dogs and cats do their very best to hide their pain for as long as possible, most suffer in silence long before their humans take notice, by no fault of our own! Some dogs just have such happy and bouncy personalities, […]

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