Vacation “To Do” List

  As the saying goes “Emergencies happen when you least expect it.” What do we do when this happens?

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Why Have A Surgical Procedure at Briarwood?

Deciding to spay or neuter your furry companion is a great way to help keep your pet healthy for the years to come. Having your pet undergo general anesthesia and surgery can be stressful on you as their pet parent. At Briarwood Animal Hospital, we know how important your pet is to you, and that’s […]

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Pet Dental Health

Happy 2017!  The beginning of a new year always brings promise and hope for a healthier, happier life.  Most people make resolutions to help them achieve their wellness goals.  One resolution that should be on every pet owner’s list is to try to take better care of their furry companion’s teeth. 

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In The End…

When I tell people where I work, they usually have two reactions.  The first is “What a great job! You get to work with animals all day” and then “I don’t know how you do it”.  They tell me that they could never deal with people having to euthanize their pets.  My response is always […]

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DIY Dog & Cat Toys

Yarn Ball Materials – Yarn, Scissors Cut a small piece of yarn and set aside Wrap the yarn around three or four fingers approximately 40 times. Place the cut piece of yarn in between your fingers centred to the yarn & tie a tight knot Slip the yarn off your fingers and use the scissors […]

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The staff was extremely polite, helpful, and welcoming! They made sure my bird Kiwi and I were taken care of…

Brittany C

Have been trying to find a great vet in Stoney Creek for a little while. Took our cat in and…

Laura Correa Da Silva

Briarwood has been my animal's vet for 4 years now. They are wonderful. They always try to make time for…

Leslie Arnott

My wife and I would like to thank the staff and especially DR. Dudley for the care compassion that you…

Barry Grant

Saw Dr. Phillips today. It was my first appointment for my bunnies and she was absolutely great with my babies!…

Bernadette Nona